EPHS 2011 Holiday Open House

So much has happened since the last post.

Thanks to the dedication of a newly formed group, the East Point Preservation Alliance, and the support of the Mayor, Her Honor Mrs. Ernestine Pittman, the Members of City Council and the City Manager, Mr. Crandall Jones, The East Point Historical Society is proud to share that the City's Centennial Quilt is once again available for the public to view and enjoy.

Getting the Quilt moved proved to have a life of its own, such that the Board Members had to make the decision to change the focus of what will be unveiled in Steven Bramlett's memory at the Holiday Open House quarterly meeting this November 20.

We were going to dedicate a new display case of African-American artifacts to Steven Bramlett, our former Curator, along with dedicating a room to him with a plaque.

However, the opportunity to acquire the Quilt came to us this October when the City Auditorium building was suddenly condemned and we had to move fast, because the Quilt was inside and at risk. Most of our Members are probably aware of Steven's oft-voiced desire to display the Quilt at EPHS, and now that dream was within our grasp!

Today, that dream is a reality. The Quilt has had a gentle dry-cleaning and a room at the facility has been rearranged and everything taken off one wall in order to accommodate this enormous quilt. This is not your Grandma's bed-quilt, it's big!

We will decorate the Historical Society on Thursday, November 17th from 4:00 pm until 6:00 PM and we would welcome a few volunteers to help us get the facility holiday-ready! We've had a few offers from people to volunteer, and this would be a great time to help us!

We hope everyone will come to see the new home of the East Point Centennial Quilt at the Historical Society. Bring your favorite recollections of East Point and bring a dish of food to share with everyone. Join us at 2:00 PM for the dedication of a plaque and the Quilt in Steven Bramlett's honor.